- Lighting of architectural elements, facades, monuments, trees, structures, etc.


- Warm white lighting, self-powered, long operating time


- Led RGB spot lighting, self-powered, long operating time, remote wireless control


- Wireless lighting console



Quick installation, no power cord required. The light systems can be easily moved during the event. 



- Ambient lighting for interior and external 


- Warm white or colored lighting, self-powered, long operating time, remote wireless control, lighting console 


- Table light, self-powered, modern design, comfortable light suitable for all kind of table  


- Backlit tables standard or transparents, self-powered, long operating time, warm white or colored light managed by remote wireless lighting console 


                                                                          - Festoons party light, self-powered, long operating time 


No connections to the power net. 


- Backlit plexiglass cube 50x50x50cm 


- Backlit plexiglass parallelepipedes, base 50x50cm, height 1m 


- Backlit plexiglass column, base 20cm height 1m 


- Others backlit furniture 



Self-powered systems, long operating time, warm white or colored light. 


Service for private or business events 



- Wireless microphone  


- Self-powered speakers (no connections to the power net) 


- Wireless audio connection console-speakers 


- Audio mixer, Pioneer Dj console 


- Led spot lights, moving heads, lighting console, remote wireless connection 


- Projections front/rear from laptop/player/video camera, monitor tv, VGA wireless connection 


- DJ for Wedding 


- DJ for Private Party 


- DJ for Business events 




DJ Set by Paolo Beltramo.